5 Things You Need To Know Before You Choose Laser Eye Surgery

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Choose Laser Eye Surgery

If you have vision problems, you’ve probably thought of having laser eye surgery before. You might have gone as far as talking to your Optometrist about the procedure or even to friends who have undergone the procedure themselves.  Although this procedure is considered fairly minor, it is still surgery, so at TLC of Coral Gables, we strive to keep you as informed as possible about every aspect of the treatment.  Here’s some important information from the laser eye surgery specialists in Miami:

  • Age and general health is important: In order to have this surgery, you have to be 18 or older and be of good general health.  Health problems that may exclude you include uncontrolled diabetes, autoimmune diseases, collagen vascular diseases and eye health issues like keratoconus, glaucoma, cataracts, optic nerve issues and herpes.
  • Discuss all other conditions with your doctor: It’s important that your eye doctor knows about more than just your general health.  If you suffer from claustrophobia, keloid scarring, clotting conditions, mental health conditions or back problems, it’s vital that they can take this into account and offer you solutions that will make your experience comfortable and successful.
  • The procedure can only be done if you’re not pregnant or nursing: This is because hormone level can give a false reading on the condition of your eyesight – and accuracy is everything in this surgery if you want the best results.  Waiting three menstrual cycles after you’ve finished nursing will ensure that your hormone levels are stable and that the surgery will be based on accurate readings.
  • Stable eyesight is vital: Only once your eyesight has stabilized can you have laser surgery.  If your eyes are still deteriorating, they will continue to do so after the surgery, reducing the quality of your results.  If your eyesight has stayed stable for one year or more, you can have the surgery.
  • Following pre-surgery instructions is essential: Should you be a candidate for laser eye surgery, it’s vital that you follow all of the doctor’s orders to ensure maximum success.  One of the most important rules is for contact lens wearers to avoid using their contacts before surgery.  By not wearing the lenses for the correct amount of time before the procedure, your eye will be at it’s natural shape, allowing the surgeon to deliver the most accurate results.

For more specialist advice on laser eye surgery, visit our website or contact us at The Laser Center of Coral Gables and find out why we’re the go-to Miami specialists!

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