5 Tips For Healing After LASIK Surgery

5 Tips For Healing After LASIK Surgery

LASIK eye surgery can correct a range of eye conditions with a very high safety and success rate.  However, it’s important to follow your eye doctor’s post-surgery advice to ensure that you heal quickly and well.

  1. Rest: Resting, napping and not exerting yourself for the first couple of days after your surgery is essential.  This gives your eye tissue time to heal as well as giving your body time to recover from surgery.  Avoid reading, watching TV or using a computer for the first 24-48 hours to prevent eye strain. 
  2. No makeup: Eye and facial makeup can easily irritate your eyes or even cause an eye infection that could result in serious complications for your recovery and eyesight, so it’s best to avoid all creams, treatments and cosmetics during recovery.
  3. Sun protection: Your eyes will likely be very sensitive to sunlight and bright indoor light after your surgery.  If you can’t avoid the light, be sure to wear UV protective sunglasses.  This will help protect your eyes from sun damage and strain, while helping the cornea to heal.
  4. Use your medication: Your eye doctor will prescribe medication to use after your surgery that will help your eyes heal and prevent infection.   It’s important to use these medications as directed. 

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