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The Laser Center of Coral Gables is an LASIK and Refractive Surgery Center in Miami, Florida. 

We're committed to providing LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery services to those who need it. 

TLC of Coral GablesOur Team 

The center comprises of a team of medical professionals and eye specialists within the state of Florida. The Laser Center of Coral Gables is headed by Dr. Alberto Aran and Dr. Adam Stelzer, and other affiliated doctors. Check out the affiliated doctors' page to see the full list physicians who are associated with the center.

Dr. Alberto Aran has done over 65,000 surgeries since 1986. After graduating with a medical degree from Tulane University of Medicine in New Orleans, Dr. Aran went on to join the American Board of Ophthalmology and the American Board of Eye Surgeons. Dr. Aran has quite the accomplished career, becoming the first Floridian ophthalmic surgeon to use the FDA approved eximer laser, and he also taught how to use this laser to at least 50 other surgeons.

Dr. Adam Stelzer graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Health Sciences from the University of South Florida. After graduating with a doctorate in Optometry and degree in Vision Science, he began his extensive career as a primary eye care physician. Today Dr. Stelzer specializes in co-management refractive surgery as well as management of ocular disease. Dr. Stelzer focuses on the clinical side of laser vision surgery, taking care of the operative aspects of patient care. 

Our Services

The team behind Laser Center of Coral Gables is trained to deal with a wide range of medical conditions related to the eyes. Astigmatism, presbyopia, cataracts, farsightedness, nearsightedness, and keratoconus are some popular eye conditions that we treat. The center's services include:

  •  Custome Bladeless LASIK
  • Surface Ablation (PRK/LASEK)
  • Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)
  • Premium Lens Implants for RLE Procedure
  • Corneal Collagen Cross-linking (CXL)

How to Find Us

The center is located at 1099 SW Le Jeune Road, Coral Gables, Florida. You can reach us by phone/text at (305) 461-0003. You can also submit a contact form on our website.

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