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Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery

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LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in Coral Gables

If you want to analyze the costs of LASIK in Coral Gables, the first thing to do is to clearly spell out what should be included in the prices and then learn those factors which influence the LASIK prices. The procedure, technology used and the surgeons' experience along with the cost are all discussed in length at The Coral Laser Center of Coral Gables. The normal costs for LASIK in areas around Miami, Florida usually range from $1,000 to $5,000 with the average cost standing at $2,900 around Miami and a standard fee of $3,300 in other locations. However, costs vary depending on the geographical region, surgeon’s experience, the technology used and type of surgery. The Laser Center of Coral Gables uses the latest state-of-the-art technology. We recently invested in the iDesign technology which provides us the ability to treat a wider spam of patients always providing a custom Lasik procedure.  Other centers may compromise the patient’s procedure by offering older technology at a lower cost for the procedure.   We offer custom LASIK and most of our patients are 20/20 or better after surgery!

Our Eye Doctors Are Here For You

If you are a resident of Miami and you want the best LASIK procedure, there is only one place you can go to-The Laser Center of Coral Gables. We have a team of very skilled and experienced eye professionals.  Dr. Aran has successfully conducted over 15,000 refractive surgeries and has been performing LASIK surgeries since 1996. Dr. Alberto is the pioneer doctor in Florida having been one of the first doctors to perform LASIK surgery in the state.

Providing Quality LASIK Vision Correction in Coral Gables

At TLC, The Laser Center of Coral Gable, we ensure that our patients are fully satisfied with the results we give them. We offer free consultations and we are affiliated to TLC a national company offering a lifetime commitment to our patients. Through consultations, we can diagnose your eyes and see if you qualify for LASIK surgery. Once our team has identified your eye correction needs, we will further discuss treatment and financing options.

Contact TLC  And Learn How Easy It Is To Be Free Of Contacts And Glasses!

At our center, we use the latest technology offering a relaxed boutique setting. Our goal is to give you the most relaxing and memorable experience from our first encounter, through surgery, up to the final appointment. We offer financing with zero interest. Call (305)-461-0003 for more information.

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