Cheek Fillers

Cheek Fillers Help Restore a Youthful Appearance to Your Face

Cheek fillers are designed to return fullness to your cheeks, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and give your face a fresh appearance. They also help create cheekbone definition without the need to undergo surgery for cheek implants. At The Laser Center of Coral Gables, conveniently located near Miami,  we are here to help you achieve the look you desire and without the long-term commitment of a surgical procedure. Following is a look at how cheek fillers work and how you could benefit from them.

.What is a Cheek Filler?

A cheek filler is an injectable made from a thick gel that contains hyaluronic acid and other ingredients that are beneficial for the body and skin. The filler has a firm consistency that helps keep it in place, meaning it will not easily yield to touch. Despite its firmness, the gel is flexible and moves with your facial muscles. The final appearance is natural, firm, and ageless.

Benefits of Cheek Fillers

Cheek fillers provide more contour to the face, giving you the appearance of high cheekbones. Fillers also smooth fine lines and wrinkles, restoring fullness to the cheeks. The face loses volume with age and wrinkles start to appear due to the lack of fullness. For some, mother nature didn't provide high cheekbones or much in the way of natural contour to the face. In both cases, cheek fillers can make up for the loss or lack of volume by filling in those areas or increasing volume to create a pleasing appearance.  

Cheek Fillers Have Staying Power

Cheek fillers, like all other facial injectable fillers, are eventually absorbed by the body and require refreshing. However, a filler can stay in place for up to two years before it needs to be redone. Once the filler is put into place, it will not migrate to other areas of the face. The only change you'll see is a gradual loss of volume over time.

A Viable Alternative to Surgery

Before the arrival of cheek fillers, silicone cheek implants were commonly used. However, implants required the creation of a pocket in the cheek to hold the implant and a longer healing time than a filler. Cheek fillers eliminate the need for invasive surgery and allow you the freedom to alter your appearance as you wish. 

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