Future of LASIK

At The Laser Center (TLC) of Coral Gables, we offer high-quality, personalized care to deliver the best vision care solutions possible to correct your sight. Dr. Alberto Aran and Dr. Adam Stelzer are both recognized as renowned eye doctors you can trust in the Miami, FL, area. We offer the most advanced vision correction technology. 


What Is the Future of LASIK?

LASIK is a relatively straightforward concept, with a trained eye surgeon creating corneal flaps and then reshaping the cornea to correct your vision. LASIK continues to evolve and improve with the very latest technology and surgical procedures. Our LASIK surgery is extremely accurate, with 96% of TLC patients achieving 20/20 visual acuity. The safety and reliability of LASIK procedures has never been better. More than 15 million LASIK procedures have been performed both in the US and around the world. 

The future of LASIK refractive surgeries and vision corrective surgeries is promising.

  • Some researchers have hopes to create eye drops that will offer the desired vision correction results.
  • Other areas of study focus on advancements in intraocular lenses (IOL), which are implanted in your eye to treat myopia and cataracts.
  • The safety and precision of LASIK continues to improve due to eye-tracking technology, custom wavefront mapping, and topography-guided laser vision correction.

The latest techniques take all the guesswork out of the procedure, with the guarantee that you'll receive the best possible results in vision correction.  The Future of LASIK and the current level of customization also allows board-certified surgeons to treat patients who were not eligible for treatment in the past. 

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When you come in for your appointment with our eye doctor, we'll ask you to fill out a medical questionnaire, and we'll discuss any health considerations. We'll also run tests and evaluate your vision to determine the current status of your eyes. We'll also offer consultative services with recommendations on which refractive vision correction procedure will best meet your needs. Based on our findings, we'll tailor the treatment to meet your needs. Our goal is to offer Miami area patients the level of eye care and service that will get them the best results.  

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