Get Rid Of Your Reading Glasses – Choose LASIK and Free Your Vision

Get Rid Of Your Reading Glasses – Choose LASIK and Free Your Vision

If you’ve visited your Optometrist because you are suffering from fuzzy or blurred vision, and have been diagnosed with near or far-sightedness, you have several options for vision correction. Eyeglasses and LASIK (laser eye surgery) are two of these options. Here’s how they measure up.

• Cost: In the short-term, LASIK costs are much higher than glasses because it is a once-off surgical procedure. However, in the long-term, LASIK is the more cost-effective choice. This is because your glasses will have to be updated at least once a year and frames carry a significant cost. Even if you choose to keep the same frames, your lenses can become very expensive according to the types and thickness you require. In the Florida climate, it’s also best to have a second pair in the form of prescription sunglasses to preserve and protect your eyes.
• Comfort: While the surgery does include some discomfort and a few days of recovery time, this is a minor and temporary issue for many patients. Eyeglasses on the other hand can become very uncomfortable and inconvenient for patients, especially if they are finding themselves having to go for multiple adjustments.
• Personal style: This is where personal choice becomes important. Many people love their glasses because they are a great way to accessorize and add character to their style, but others prefer to have the advantages of naturally perfect vision that LASIK delivers.
• Safety: LASIK and other laser eye surgery procedures have an incredibly low risk of complications, and results are often above what patients expect. In fact, it is the recommended procedure for astronauts, professional athletes and celebrities who suffer with vision impairment because it is so safe.

Get A Free Eye Exam Today And Talk About Your Options
At The Laser Center of Coral Gables in Miami, all of our clients qualify for a free eye exam and consultation about LASIK vision correction at our laser eye clinic. We will give you a full assessment, answer any questions you have about LASIK, our state-of-the-art vision correction equipment and the cost of LASIK eye surgery. We also have various affordable financing plans in place to help make perfect, natural vision more affordable and accessible to everyone. If you have any questions or want to find out more about our clinic or LASIK, please contact us today.

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