How to Prepare Your Eyes For Miami’s Pollen Counts

How to Prepare Your Eyes For Miami’s Pollen Counts

Do you suffer from regular allergy attacks on your eyes?  With Miami in the swing of pollen season, many folks are suffering through a season of scratchy, watery eyes.  At The Laser Center of Coral Gables, we are experts in eye care and we can help when it comes to dealing with the difficulties of allergies.

1. First, find out if you have an allergy
If you seem to display the typical symptoms of eye allergies on a regular basis you could very well have an allergic condition that needs medical attention.  Many eye conditions may present themselves as allergies but may be something else entirely.  Symptoms of eye allergies include itchy, red and swollen eyes, tearing or runny eyes, burning or pain, scratchy sensation behind the eye-lids and sensitivity to light.  If you get these symptoms every year during allergy season (during spring & early summer), then it could be an allergy that needs your attention.


2. Prevention is better than a cure
As soon as the pollen count goes up, you may find yourself constantly having to purchase allergy medication to ensure your symptoms don’t ruin your quality of life.  This can get expensive and when you don’t remember to take your medication, you end up suffering.  Rather, prevent the allergies from having an effect on you proactively.  This could be simply avoiding areas where you’re exposed to pollen, taking a maintenance antihistamine,  or using artificial tears (eye drops) before being exposed to the allergen.


3. Visit an allergist
Make an appointment prior to allergy season with an allergist, a specialist doctor who can treat allergies.  He or she will be able to give you some sort of maintenance plan to ensure your allergies don’t take over your life and find the actual type of allergy that is affecting you.

When it comes to eye care and surgery, we are the specialists, so contact us.

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