Ophthalmology Treatment for Hyperopia in Miami, FL

Farsightedness (hyperopia) is the opposite of nearsightedness (myopia). If you are hyperopic, you have trouble seeing things clearly up close rather than far away. The two reasons people are farsighted involves flattened corneas and/or abnormally short eyeballs. When either condition exists, light entering your eyes cannot be refracted correctly. Instead of landing squarely on your retina, incoming light is focused beyond the retina. This makes objects within three or four feet of your eyes appear blurry or distorted.

If your ophthalmologist in Miami diagnoses you with hyperopia during a complete eye exam, you will be prescribed eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct your vision. However, for people who are farsighted and do not want to wear glasses or contacts, a LASIK surgeon can perform minimally invasive surgery to modify the shape of the cornea so you can see better without wearing corrective lenses.

LASIK for Hyperopia in Coral Gables

Performed in office without general anesthesia, laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) reshapes the cornea to improve refraction of light and vision. Using laser technology, your LASIK surgeon makes a tiny flap in the cornea through which laser energy is directed at the central optic zone. By making your cornea's profiler steeper, your Miami eye surgeon ensures light lands directly on the cornea instead of beyond it. After small amounts of tissue are removed from the cornea, your LASIK surgeon then seals the flap with the same laser tool used to modify the corneal shape.

How Successful is LASIK for Farsightedness?

LASIK is one of the most common and successful procedures for treating hyperopia and myopia in the U.S. Although most people enjoy 20/20 vision following LASIK, this result is not 100 percent guaranteed for all patients. Good candidates for LASIK surgery in Coral Gables include patients who have had stable vision for at least 12 months, have normal intraocular pressure and have healthy corneas and retinas. You should not consider LASIK surgery if you are pregnant, have a major eye disease or suffer from an autoimmune disease.

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