Our iLASIK Technology Suite — the exclusive combination of IntraLase (Custom Flap Laser) and Advanced CustomVue Technologies (Custom Prescription Laser) — delivers the most advanced laser vision correction technology available today, producing exceptional results for a broad range of patients. With over 20 years of LASIK innovation and over 15 million refractive procedures worldwide, AMO technology is uniquely qualified to be your partner for surgical success.

  • The iLASIK Technology Suite provides a truly customized treatment, helping us take more of our patients beyond 20/20 vision
  • Custom-designed LASIK flaps
  • Precise levels of ablation accuracy
  • NASA astronauts can have laser vision correction surgery today because of the exclusive, validated safety and precision performance of iLASIK Technologies
  • 96 % of TLC patients see 20/20 or better with this technology

For more information or if you’d like to know if this procedure is right for you, give us a call so we can review your eligibility and financing options.

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