Laser Eye Centers In Miami Are Offering People Affordable Treatments For A New View On Life!

Laser Eye Centers In Miami Are Offering People Affordable Treatments For A New View On Life!

As the leading laser eye centers in Miami, it is our goal to help the millions of people who are suffering from vision problems. Over 70 million people in North America suffer from near-sightedness alone.  That doesn’t even include the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s records of one in three people in the USA that have astigmatism or the 150 million Americans that make use of corrective eyewear.  This goes some way to explain why more and more Americans are choosing eye surgery to correct their vision problems, but what about the costs?

Of course, cost is one of the major factors when deciding whether or not to have laser eye surgery.  The cost of laser eye surgery may seem high, as it is a lump sum.  However, with contact lenses costing on average a dollar a day, bi-annual visits to the optometrist and the cost of prescription glasses, sunglasses and reading glasses, the money adds up.  What’s more, none of these products offer a solution.  Patients that have elected to reduce overall costs by having Lasik understood that they would have had to keep paying these costs for the rest of their lives.

If facts catch your attention, then here’s some interesting math

  • The average national costs for LASIK is >$2,000 per eye.
  • The average national cost of contact lenses is $240 per year.
  • That means that over, a 20-year period, someone who wears contact lenses will pay around $4,500 just for contacts (and that’s without taking inflation into account)
  • This also doesn’t take into account the contact lens wearers regular trips to the optometrist, the price of back up glasses, contact lens fluid and so forth.

This means that even without taking into account inflation or the additional costs incurred by a contact lens wearer, your surgery will have paid for itself very quickly.  What’s more important, no price can be put on the quality of life increase that laser eye surgery patients experience!  Once the safe, painless procedure has taken place, over 96% of patients have 20/20 vision or better.  They no longer have the hassles associated with inserting contacts, taking care of contact lenses, or forgetting their glasses.  They are able to see clearly from the moment they wake up to when they go to sleep.  Additionally, they can take on any activity without having to take on the precautions that used to hinder them previously.

If you’d like to experience this increased quality of life and the long-term savings that leading laser eye centers in Miami can offer you, contact us today!  We have extremely affordable payment options and financing available.

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