Live Without Glasses with LASIK

What if you woke up in the morning and could clearly read the alarm clock before you reached for your glasses? You can with LASIK surgery. LASIK is an easy way to improve your vision and if you are in the Miami area, then consider choosing the eye doctors at The Laser Center of Coral Gables. We are experts at performing this procedure. 


What is LASIK?

LASIK stands for laser-assisted-in-situ-keratomileusis, and it is an office procedure that reshapes your cornea. It is the best known and most common form of surgery to correct vision problems. Corneas that are longer or shorter or less smooth than they should be, don’t project an image correctly on the retina and can be the cause of blurry vision. Glasses bend or refract light to help you see but during LASIK your eye doctor will actually reshape the cornea, the tissue at the front of the eye, with a laser.

Who is a good candidate for LASIK?

Before scheduling a LASIK appointment you will have a thorough examination by an eye doctor. The doctor is looking for good overall health as well as good eye health. The best candidates for LASIK are moderately nearsighted, which means they can see things fairly well close up, but their distance vision is blurry.

How is LASIK done?

The surgeon will take detailed measurements of your eye to determine what needs to be corrected. Next, the doctor will use a laser to make a flap in the cornea and raise it up. Once the flap is raised a second type of laser is used to remove corneal tissue one pulse at a time. That’s how the cornea is smoothed or flattened to correct vision issues.

Does LASIK work?

LASIK is a very successful procedure with a solid track record. Most patients find that after surgery their vision has been corrected to 20/20 or better. Complications from the procedure are very rare. Immediately after the procedure, your vision will be blurry but it will stabilize in the days and months ahead leaving you with a good final result. Some patients experience dry eyes or other vision problems after surgery but these are generally temporary conditions. Eight out of ten LASIK patients find that after surgery they do not need their glasses or contact lenses for most of their activities.

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If you are ready to explore a world where you can see clearly without wearing your glasses, schedule an appointment with an eye doctor at The Laser Center of Coral Gables. Find out why so many patients in the Miami area are seeing clearly and enjoying life with brand new vision.

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