If You Love Sports and the Great Outdoors, You’ll Love LASIK Eye Surgery

If You Love Sports and the Great Outdoors, You’ll Love LASIK Eye Surgery

Whether you’re an extreme sports fan, a weekend player or a professional athlete, LASIK eye surgery offers you the most affordable, safe, cutting edge technology to correct your vision problems.

The biggest benefit of this laser eye surgery is that it eliminates the need for glasses and contact lenses, which can hold you back from participating in contact sports, cause irritation from dirt and sweat and can be lost or damaged during a game.  Prescription eyewear can also incur additional costs to sports players, including custom eyewear for cycling or skiing and goggles for diving, which can be very expensive.  Overall, LASIK eye surgery, is cheaper long-term than prescription eyewear and the improvement in quality of life is beyond worthwhile.  There are also various financing options from The Laser Center of Coral Gables to make LASIK available to as many people as possible.

Like all patients who have had LASIK, there is a brief recovery period.  If you regularly play contact sports, you may have to take off up to two weeks before you can hit the field again.  While LASIK gives you almost immediate results, there is a bit of a price to pay, as LASIK patients must be very careful to avoid rubbing or getting dirt in their eyes to ensure that they don’t experience any corneal damage directly after surgery.  However, by taking basic precautions and caring for their eyes, no athlete should experience any negative results after surgery.

Because of the great results of LASIK, this surgery has become very popular in the world of professional athletes, where people like Tiger Woods, Greg Maddux, LeBron James and others have all experienced how it can enhance their lives and their game.

So if you have your sights set on the Super Bowl or on simply having the best Saturday afternoon game with your friends, LASIK eye surgery will get you your vision back affordably and rapidly!

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