LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Tips

LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Tips

Before you go in for LASIK eye surgery it’s important that you’re fully prepared to make your recovery go as smoothly as possible.  LASIK is an incredibly common procedure and millions of people around the world have undergone it with excellent results.  In order to enjoy a speedy recovery with as few complications as possible, follow the advice given to you by your surgeon and be certain to take all prescribed medications in their entirety.

Advice for LASIK eye surgery recovery

  • Use the medications, including eye drops, your surgeon gives you at the times specified.  Some people may be tempted to skip doses of medicine because they are feeling fine, but the reason they are feeling fine is because of the medicine!  So make sure you’re taking your prescriptions when you’re supposed to take them.
  • While healing, consider taking baths instead of showers.  The reason for this is that you’re able to better protect your eyes while sitting in a bath rather than in the shower and you want to avoid any water droplets hitting you directly in the face.
  • Protect your eyes.  Following your LASIK eye surgery your doctor will give you a type of shield with which to protect your eyes and you should wear it for up to two weeks for maximum protection.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.  This is especially important in South Florida!  After your procedure your eyes will most likely be incredibly sensitive to sunlight and other bright lights, so keep a pair of dark sunglasses on hand at all times during recovery.
  • Don’t touch your eyes.  Whether they itch, feel dry, your vision is blurry or it’s just instict for you to touch them, don’t!  Your eyes need time to heal and recover and touching them interferes with the healing process.

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