Live without glasses with Lasik

LASIK Eye Surgery: Live Your Life without Glasses

We at The Laser Center of Coral Gables in Miami, Florida, provides laser eye surgery to those looking to improve their vision without corrective eyewear. The goal of our eye doctor team is to help these patients to not have to wear either glasses or contact lenses following their surgery. While LASIK surgery has a high success rate, there are some instances that glasses may be needed after LASIK surgery.


Will I Still Need Glasses?

The goal of laser eye surgery is to provide significant improvement in vision. LASIK greatly reduces the need for using glasses or contact lenses. However, it doesn’t always eliminate the need for all patients. Everyone will respond to laser eye surgery differently, and the results will depend on each patient’s vision conditions and age.

Certain eye conditions, such as presbyopia, aren’t treated with LASIK. This is a natural condition that everyone experiences in some way as they continue to age. As an experienced eye doctor, we work hard to not set expectations that we can’t guarantee with laser eye surgery. Not everyone will experience 20/20 vision after surgery. The goal of LASIK is to improve vision, so that glasses or contact lenses don’t have to be used throughout most of the day.

When Should I Consider Lasik Laser Eye Surgery?

LASIK is great for anyone who wants to reduce their need for wearing eyeglasses. An eye surgeon makes surgical changes to the shape of a person’s corneas. It works by removing layers of tissue until an optimal shape is achieved. While the procedure is successful for many patients, not everyone responds the same to laser eye surgery. About 80% of patients will experience 20/20 vision. This means that some laser eye surgery patients will need to wear glasses in some instances after laser eye surgery, just not all of the time.

Call to Learn More about Laser Eye Surgery

The Laser Center of Coral Gables specializes in laser eye surgery procedures and can answer any question you may have about the surgical procedure. To learn more about LASIK surgery and if you’re a viable candidate for laser eye surgery from our professional eye doctor in Coral Gables, call our eye center to schedule an appointment at 305-461-0003 today.

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