Nearsighted? Implantable Contact Lenses May Be The Right Laser Eye Surgery Option For You

Nearsighted?  Implantable Contact Lenses May Be The Right Laser Eye Surgery Option For You

Interested in fixing your nearsightedness with laser eye surgery in Miami?  Maybe  implantable contact lenses are the treatment option for you.  Who qualifies for implantable contact lenses?  Patients who do not have adequate corneal tissue and are not suitable candidates for laser eye surgery will benefit from this particular procedure most.

Implantable contact lenses can correct refractive errors from within the eye.  During this procedure, the eye’s natural lens is left intact and no corneal tissue is removed.

How does it work?  The contact lenses properly focus light on the retina which corrects refractive errors, effectively allowing nearsighted individuals to focus on objects at a distance.

 What Does the Procedure Involve?

The first step is to book a consultation with us at The Laser Center of Coral Gables to discover if you are a suitable candidate for implantable contact lenses.  A YAG laser iridotomy procedure is then carried out on the eye and involves creating two small openings near the iris by means of laser eye surgery.  This is done two weeks prior to the actual implantable contact lenses procedure itself.

The YAG laser iridotomy procedure and the implantation of the contact lenses are both outpatient procedures.  The eye is anaesthetized and the lens is inserted between the natural lens and the iris.  This is what allows clearer vision to be made possible.  There is one small incision involved, in the side of the cornea.  Patients are able to see better in just one day and recovery is quick and pain free.

To find out more about laser eye surgery in Miami book an appointment with us or contact us directly today.

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