What is PTK?

PTK (Phototherapeutic Keratectomy) is a non-refractive excimer laser treatment used to treat irregularities, dystrophies, and scarring of the corneal surface. These conditions include recurrent corneal erosions (RCEs) , epithelial basement membrane dystrophy (EBMD), non-healing corneal abrasions, and corneal scarring from injuries or infections. This therapeutic treatment is indicated for treatment of any of these conditions which reduce visual acuity or cause discomfort. This procedure is often used prior to acorneal transplant which can also provides similar results, but is much more invasive and takes much longer to heal. PTK involves removing the irregular layer of the cornea with the excimer laser. After the laser application, the surgeon places a soft bandage contact lens on the eye to allow the epithelium to heal over the operated area .

After the Procedure

After PTK, patients may feel some discomfort and experience slightly blurred vision for approximately 4 days as the epithelium heals. Patients are in structed to use steroid eyedrops over several weeks, requiring frequent follow-ups with their eye doctor. Shortly after the bandage contact lens is removed normal activities can be resumed, although it can take a several weeks for optimal vision to stabilize.