I’ve heard a lot of great things about refractive surgery. What can it do for me?

While refractive surgery has proven overwhelmingly successful in reducing dependence on glasses and contact lenses, the degree of improvement may vary among individuals. How well and how quickly your vision improves depends on how well you heal and the severity of your prescription. Although no one can promise patients “perfect” or 20/20 vision, most patients with mild to moderate prescriptions do achieve 20/20 vision or are within 1 to 2 lines of 20/20 vision on an eye chart. This means they no longer need glasses or contacts to drive, play sports, watch movies and TV, or participate in careers requiring excellent vision such as police and fire departments. Additionally, Custom LASIK has proven to be an exciting development. Clinical studies have shown that Custom LASIK can improve not only what you can see but how well you can see it. In the past, all vision was measured using a standard vision chart. If you could see the letters, the doctor would proclaim your vision as a number, such as 20/20, 20/100, etc. But now, with Custom LASIK, doctors are able to focus on the quantity and quality of your vision.

Your consultation with your doctor will help determine the range of your probable outcome based on your particular prescription, healing profile and expectations.. Keep in mind, as a patient ages the need for reading glasses is quite common. The Laser Center of Coral Gables is a TLC Associate Center and stands behind its patients’ distance vision results for life because we have confidence in the stability of results over the long-term. The TLC Lifetime Commitment program ensures a no charge enhancement procedures for life for qualified nearsighted patients – and this commitment will be honored by any TLC Laser Eye Centers location in North America. Be sure to ask your us for important details about this program.

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