Who will my doctors be and what will they do?

Doctors are involved in all three phases of your laser vision correction procedure: the pre-procedure consultation, the laser procedure, and post-procedure care. Two doctors are involved in the overall procedure: Alberto Aran, M.D. who will perform the procedure itself and Adam Stelzer, O.D. who will perfrom the consultaion and select the appropriate procedure for each individual patient. Your own eye doctor can provide your pre and post-operative care (if you do not currently have an eye doctor, your pre and post- operative care can also be provided at our center). All doctors working with The Laser Center of Coral Gables, including your own eye doctor, have been educated in all aspects of refractive surgery. Although our center’s doctors are renown for their training and expertise, the outcome of your laser procedure also depends upon the right care before and after your surgery. We recommend you consult with your own eye doctor who is more familiar with your eyes, your history, and will continue to care for you years after your procedure. If you don’t have an eye doctor who can help, we’ll provide you with one. We will work very closely with your eye doctor to provide you with a high level of care and results.

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