iDesign Advanced Wavescan

Custom laser treatments are the preferred choice for many patients. Custom LASIK or Surface Ablation are laser vision correction procedures that help your surgeon further customize the correction to your individual eyes. LASIK surgeons are able to focus on the quantity as well as the quality of your vision. Custom procedures may result in vision clearer and sharper than ever before.

How Custom Surgery Works

Our Laser center uses a more advanced wave scan. The iDesign advanced Wavescan Studio (idesign) Wavefront Technology to measure the way light travels through your eye. This technology performs a detailed analysis of your eye that examines the entire optical system. The iDesign system captures more data than ever before to create a detailed picture of your eye's unique imperfections and accurately plan a treatment for you alone, allowing for an additional level of data about your vision. This, in turn,enables our surgeon to further customize your vision correction. The data is used to guide the laser during your 100% custom personalized LASIK procedure for optimal results.

Better Quality Vision

Everyone’s eyes are different. A pre-procedure consultation with your doctor will help determine if a custom procedure is right for you based on your particular prescription, healing profile and expectations.

Compared to other forms of laser vision correction, custom procedures have been shown or to provide many patients with:

  • A greater chance of achieving 20/20 vision (1)
  • The potential, in certain cases, for better vision than possible with contacts or glasses
  • Less incidence of glare, halos and night vision disturbances (2)

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