Tips For Making Your LASIK Recovery More Comfortable

Tips For Making Your LASIK Recovery More Comfortable

LASIK eye surgery is a popular procedure, and it’s not difficult to see why. Not only is it more affordable than other long-term vision correction solutions like eye glasses and contact lenses, it delivers completely natural sight and peace of mind. As rewarding as LASIK is, it’s important to remember that it is a surgical procedure and you will need to take a few days to let your eyes recover and heal. Here is some advice for making this time more comfortable.

• Don’t rub your eyes: Some irritation and discomfort should be expected as your eyes heal, but rubbing or touching your eyes in any way can hurt your eyes. This can cause damage to your eyes, pain and a follow up procedure with your doctor, so be sure to keep your hands and anything else far away from your eyes.
• Use your medication: Your eye surgeon will prescribe medication in the form of eye drops for you to use during your recovery. These will help the eye heal faster as well as reduce discomfort.
• Sleep: Immediately after your procedure, the best possible thing to do is relax and sleep in a dark room. You will be wearing protective eyewear as your eyes will feel very sensitive and by resting and sleeping through to the next morning, you will see and feel a great improvement.
• Stay in a clean, healthy environment: After laser eye surgery, your eyes will be sensitive to contaminants in the air, so it’s best to stay away from smoky rooms, dusty environments and areas with chemical vapors in the air. While your eyes will become less sensitive after the initial 3-4 days after surgery, they can continue healing for up to 3 months after the procedure.
• Take it easy: While this surgery allows you to return to work and normal life after just a few days, it’s recommended that you take it easy for the following few weeks. Things to avoid include gym saunas and pools as they are a bacteria risk, contact and extreme sports. You should also wear UVA/UVB protective sunglasses at all times while outdoors.

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