Tips From Miami Eye Specialists On Treating Your Allergies This Spring

Tips From Miami Eye Specialists On Treating Your Allergies This Spring

If spring allergies make you not want to leave your house, our Miami eye specialists have some tips and tricks to help make the spring season more bearable.  Millions of people suffer from seasonal allergies and springtime can often be the worst time for allergy sufferers.  So, to avoid feeling miserable during these spring months, here are several ways to manage and treat your allergy symptoms:

  • If you take over the counter or prescription medication for your allergies, start taking them a bit earlier.  Spring pollen and other common allergens can appear as early as mid-February so waiting until mid to late March may be too late for immediate results.  Starting your medication earlier means you’re less likely to encounter severe symptoms.
  • Be aware of your environment.  No one wants to be stuck indoors on a beautiful Florida spring day, but the thought of encountering allergens might be enough to keep you inside.  Check the pollen count before you go outside and if you need to do tasks such as mowing the lawn or weeding your garden, consider wearing a protective allergy facemask.
  • Visit your allergist.  When over the counter medication and eye drops aren’t enough to treat your symptoms, book an appointment with an allergist.  You don’t have to suffer through spring with watery, itchy eyes any longer.

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