Who is eligble for Lasik

Qualifications Necessary to Receive LASIK from an Eye Doctor

Having good vision is necessary to see the world around you. For most people, it is best to see the things in front of them without glasses or contacts. A long-term solution that improves vision is LASIK eye surgery. But, this is a procedure that you need to be a good candidate for, and our eye doctors at TLC of Coral Gables, near Miami, can determine that for you.


Stability of Prescription

For anyone in the Miami or Coral Gables area to qualify for LASIK surgery, they will first need to have a stable prescription. Our eye doctors will want to see that your vision has not changed much over the past year or two. If your prescription is changing rapidly, it could be a sign of an underlying eye or vision problem, which will not make you a candidate for the procedure.

Eye Health

For LASIK to work, your eyes have to be relatively healthy. If you have an eye disease, the procedure should be avoided due to the potential for complications. Our eye doctors will complete a variety of other tests to see if other eye problems may make the procedure too risky for you.

Age of Patient

Another factor that will determine whether you can qualify for LASIK is if you meet the age requirements. You will need to be at least 18 years old in order to receive this service. However, many eye doctors will want you to be a bit older as your eyes and vision can change when you are a young adult.

Acceptable Physical Health

Since this is a surgical procedure, the recipient needs to be in good physical health. Those that have a condition that impacts their immune system will not qualify for LASIK as it can affect their ability to recover. Other health risks such as arthritis and diabetes will also prevent you from receiving LASIK.

Contact Us to Receive a LASIK Evaluation

Receiving LASIK surgery can be a great option for anyone that is looking to improve their vision. If you are in the Miami or Coral Gables area and would like to discuss your eye surgery options with a professional eye doctor, then contact TLC of Coral Gables as soon as you can. When you call, we can schedule an appointment for you to meet with our doctors, so you can learn more about the procedure and whether you are a good candidate for it. Call us today at 305-461-0003.

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