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The Laser Center in Coral Gables: 

The Leading LASIK Center in Miami

Not only do our customers consider us to be the best LASIK Center in Coral Gables, some will be quick to say that we are the foremost LASIK Center in Miami. Our Medical Director, Dr. Alberto Aran, was one of the very first refractive surgeons to make use of the LASIK procedure in Florida, and has since successfully performed tens of thousands of refractive laser eye surgeries. He has also taught many other refractive surgeons how to use the excimer laser and is often consulted by his peers when they find themselves faced with difficult operations that go beyond the normal every day case.


  • Complimentary Consultation to determine candidacy
  • Book your complimentary consultation online https://www.tlcvision.com/centers/miami/
  • Individualized Treatment Plan,creating a more custom procedure with better outcomes for the patient
  • Affiliated with TLC locations throughout all 50 states and Canada
  • First Class and Outstanding Patient Care
  • Join our 20/20 family at TLC of Coral Gables
  • We offer LASIK surgery, PRK, Refractive Lens Exchange, and Crosslinking
  • Our Technology
    • Wave front guideded Bladeless LASIK, increases the percentage of patients who achieve 20/20 vision or better.
    • Idesign Testing Equipment, programs a more specific individualize treatment for each patient.  
    • 98% of our patients are 20/20 of better
  • TLC Lifetime Commitment
    • We stand behind your vision results for life. If a touch up is needed to maintain vision results, a qualified patients can receive an additional treatment without charge. this occurs in only 2% of our  patients. The  likelihood you will need an enhancement is pretty small.  

Award Winning LASIK Center

At TLC of Coral Gables, an award winning Miami LASIK center, we understand that no two operations are alike and therefore we draw up a tailor-made treatment plan for each of our patients before doing a procedure. This is how we can significantly reduce the risk of complications and ensure surgery can be performed quickly and effectively.

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We are affiliated with TLC Laser Eye Centers nationwide and that makes us very unique. 

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What Makes TLC Different?

  • We are North America’s largest LASIK provider, having performed more than 2.2 million laser vision correction procedures since our founding nearly 20 years ago.
  • We are a longstanding leader in LASIK technology. Because safety and effectiveness are so important to us, we’ve made significant investments in the cutting-edge technology we know you deserve.
  • Only TLC offers the TLC Lifetime Commitment®. In the unlikely event a LASIK enhancement is needed down the road, as your eyes change, this program provides qualified patients no-charge, same-technology enhancement procedures for life. This commitment will be honored at any of our participating LASIK eye centers across the United States and Canada.
  • The ways in which we work with patients’ primary eye doctor, both before and after their LASIK procedure, are unique. We believe this team-based care helps ensure a safer and more effective surgical outcome.
  • More than 7,000 doctors have chosen TLC for their own laser vision correction procedures– the ultimate endorsement.

Your eyesight is too important to trust with just anyone. When selecting a LASIK eye center, look for proven experience and beware of quick assessments and overblown promises. It’s important to find a LASIK provider who is careful, unhurried and is as demanding about safety and results as you are. TLC is committed to your complete satisfaction.

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