Why Laser Eye Surgery Is Becoming The Go-To Method Of Vision Correction In Miami

Why Laser Eye Surgery Is Becoming The Go-To Method Of Vision Correction In Miami

Increasingly, Miami residents are turning to laser eye surgery as a means to correct the problems with their vision.  But with other options available, including glasses and contact lenses, why is this the case? Find out here:

  • Freedom from glasses and contact lenses: Many clients of The Laser Center of Coral Gables say that they are tired of having to buy, update and take care of their glasses and contact lenses.  These methods of vision correction require constant administration as opposed to the almost guaranteed once-off surgical treatment.
  • Affordability: Although laser eye surgery is becoming more and more affordable every day, it still costs a reasonable amount of money due to the technology and skill involved in the treatment.  However, this is a once-off cost against the constant cost of replacing glasses and prescription sunglasses, buying contact lenses, renewing prescriptions and visiting specialists.  This process will far exceed the cost of surgery when looked at over a patient’s lifetime.
  • Immediate results: Many patients report an immediate improvement in their eyesight as soon as the surgery is completed.  Other patients may experience slight blurriness of vision but will report the same dramatic results in less than six hours after surgery.
  • Little downtime: With this surgery there is little to no downtime, depending on the work that the patient does.  Any downtime that does occur is generally due to patients needing time to get used to their dramatically different sight.  Until you feel comfortable, you should rest, avoid driving and enjoy your new eyesight!
  • Long-term stability of vision: Having the surgery once your vision is stable will give you long-term results, as the re-shaped cornea is permanently modified by the laser procedure.  Age-related degeneration (usually in the form of long-sightedness) and other eye disease are the only issues that may cause changes.

With these results, it’s hard to see why anyone wouldn’t want laser eye surgery!  For more information from Miami laser eye surgery specialists, please visit our website or contact us today.

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