Why More People Are Choosing LASIK Over Contact Lenses

Why More People Are Choosing LASIK Over Contact Lenses

Perfect vision is a must-have for just about anyone now a days.  Whether you’re a keen sports player, a computer engineer or a student working on a computer, you know the importance of being able to see clearly and accurately.  Usually, people choose eyeglasses or contact lenses to help get them the clear vision they want.   But, with increased financing opportunities and perfected medical precision, more and more people are choosing LASIK eye surgery over these two more traditional options.  TLC of Coral Gables, a leading laser eye clinic looks at why LASIK surgery is the #1 elective surgery in the world.

LASIK Puts Safety First

LASIK is a permanent vision correction solution that has been proven to be one of the safest surgical procedures available. The procedure has an incredibly low chance of complications and, once your eyes have healed in just a few days, they will be just as healthy and easy to care for as those of someone with naturally perfect vision.

Contact lenses, however, do carry certain safety and health risks.  This is simply because every day you are placing a foreign object into your eye.  Even with strict hygiene and eye care, it is common for tiny particles of dust or bacteria to become trapped between the contact lens and your eye, leading to irritation and infection.  Any improper care (falling asleep with your lenses in, not washing your hands properly etc.) significantly increases the risk of infection.

LASIK Is Cheaper Than Contact Lenses

LASIK carries a high initial cost but, over time, contact lenses and even glasses become far more expensive.  The average cost of LASIK is around $2,500 per eye (the more experienced your surgeon, the better the technology and the more complicated your vision problems are may increase cost).  Conversely, the average 30-year-old will spend up to $30,000 on contact lenses, solution and glasses in their lifetime.

To help make the cost of LASIK even more affordable, top eye clinics offer a wide range of attractive financing plans and partnerships that allow participating health plan members to receive significant discounts on their LASIK procedure.

More Benefits Of LASIK

Of course, LASIK has more than just these two benefits.  The convenience of permanently corrected vision, being able to see anywhere at any time, the natural look you achieve and,  not having to store or deal with your contact lenses are also big benefits that LASIK patients enjoy.

Find Out If You Are An Eye Surgery Candidate With Our Free Eye Exam

At The Laser Center of Coral Gables, all of our clients qualify for a free eye exam and consultation about LASIK vision correction.  We will give you a full assessment, answer any questions you have about LASIK eye surgery, our state-of-the-art vision correction equipment and the surgery cost.  If you have any questions or want to find out more about LASIK, please contact us today.

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